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1. Flying Duck Orchid : This orchid is found in eastern & southern Australia. It is a small orchid. This is a terrestrial plant which is a remarkable flower, resembling a duck in flight. Insects are attracted by this flower, such as male sawflies which pollinate the flower in a process which known as pseudocopulation. Australia featured this orchid on a postage stamp in 1986.

2. Bleeding Heart : Bleeding Heart is a flower of poppy family Papaveraceae, which is native to Korea, Japan, northern Japan and Siberia. It is grown in spring and valued in gardens. It is also valued in floristry for its heart-shaped pink and white flowers.

3. Parrot Flower : This kind of flowers are found in Thailand, parts of India and Burma. It is also known as “Parrot Balsam”.

4. Ballerina Orchid : This species of orchid are commonly found in Central America, Mexico, South America and West Indies.

5. Hooker’s Lips : Hooker’s Lips is also know as ” kissing Lips Plant “. It is generally found in tropical rain forest of southern and central Africa. The color of the flower is bright red. The shape of the flower looks like the lusicous lips of a women.

6. Monkey Faced Orchid : Monkey Orchid is also known as ” monkey-like Dracula “. This species of orchid is now rare and generally found in cloud forests of south-eastern parts of Peru and Ecuador. It has the fragrance of a ripe orange. The flower strongly look like a monkey, more precisely a baboon.

7. Swaddle Babies : This plant commonly found in Colombian Andes.

8. Naked Man Orchid : This species of orchid is called by such name because of it’s shape of naked man. The color of such orchid flower is the combination of bright pink and white color.

9. Dove Orchid : This kind of orchid is also known as ” Holy Ghost Orchid “. Dove orchid mostly found in south America, Costa Rica, Panama and Trinidad.

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