The Venus fly trap is one of the carnivorous plants. Insect eating plants catches prey using leaves that snap shut. despite the name, just 5% of its total diet is flying insects! Venus fly trap eats fly, butterflies, Beatles, caterpillars and even frogs. It became the state plant of North Carolina’s state in 2005. Fly trap has teeth rimming its mouth and can eat living organisms. The Venus fly trap snaps when a bug or other object brushes 2 or more times against the bristles that grow on the surface of the leaf. The leaves of Venus fly trap open wide and on them are a shot, stiff hairs called “trigger” or “sensitive hairs”. Anything touches theses trigger hairs detect motion. 2 trigger hairs touched and SNAP! Venus fly trap is SNAP-HAPPY. The insects are dissolved by the digestive juices. The two lobes of the leaves will snap shut in less than a second, trapping whatever is inside. It lures its victim with sweet-smelling nectar. It has vibrant scent that can attract insects. Venus fly trap is SNAP-HAPPY. Digestive juice dissolves the insects. It dissolves the soft, inner parts of the insect, but not the hard, outer part which is called exoskeleton. The trap compresses tightly around the insect and secretes a digestive juices, much like those in our stomach. And an antiseptic juice, this juice purifies and keep the insect from decaying over the few days it is in the trap.

After it gets its prey they reopen in three or two weeks.

It lives in moist, boggy conditions. It can be 8 to 24 inches tall. The can live forever if the conditions are right. There are Venus fly trap and Venus fly trap seeds for sale in the market. Few people like Venus fly trap adaptions.

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