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10. Mini Pig
Cost : 250-1.5k
Rarity: Not Too Rare
Licensing: None

Mini pigs are pigs that have been selectively downsized over many generations in order to produce a pig will generally grow 12-16 inches and will reach 25-26 pounds, similar to a smaller dog.

9. Hedgehog
Cost: 75-250
Rarity: Somewhat
Licensing: None

The hedgehog is a carnivorous animal that originates from Europe, Asia and Africa. Hedgehogs have excellent hearing and sense of smell, but weak eyesight.

8. Pygmy Goat
Cost: 100-400
Rarity: Somewhat
Licensing: None

A pygmy goat is breed of miniature domestic goat. Pygmy goats tend to be kept as pets primarily, though also work well as milk producers and working animals.

7. Sugar Glider
Cost: 200-500
Rarity: Somewhat
Licensing: None

Sugar gliders are generally 5 to 12 inches long with a tail that is 6 to 9 inches long. Their fur is bluish-gray with a pale belly and a dark stripe that runs down the back. Sugar gliders have gliding membranes that allow efficient movement.

6. Fennec Fox
Cost: 1k-5k
Rarity: Somewhat
Licensing: Some States

The fennec fox is the smallest fox in the world. They can be found at zoo, and even in a few homes as pets, all over the world, but their native habitat is the deserts of North Africa.

5. Spotted Genet
Cost: 1k-1.5k
Rarity: Rare
Licensing: Some States

The genet is a slender, cat-like carnivore, recognized by a crest of long, black hairs that runs from the shoulders, along the back to the base of the tail, which can be erected when threatened.

4. Capybara
Cost: 500-1.5k
Rarity: Somewhat
Licensing: Most States

Capybaras are the largest rodents on earth. Adult capybaras are typically between 3 – 4 feet long and can weigh between 100 and 150 pounds. Capybaras heads resemble those of other rodents, but are much larger.

3. Serval
Cost: 2k-3k
Rarity: Rare
Licensing: Some States

A serval, or Felis Serval, is a member of the feline family. They are native to Africa, where they thrive in a variety of habitats including savannas, bush, thickets and moors near rivers and streams.

2. Wallaroo
Cost: 2k-4k
Rarity: Rare
Licensing: Required

The wallaroo is a macropod that is part of the kangaroo family. These sturdy marsupials generally are reddish-gray, tan, black or deep gray in coloration.

1. Chimpanzee
Cost: 40k-60k
Rarity: Rare
Licensing: Required

Adult chimps range in height from 4 to 5.5 feet and weigh between 70 and 180 pounds. They have short bodies and long arms – even longer that their legs. In addition to opposable thumbs, they have opposable big toes, allowing them to grasp things with both their hands and feet.

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