10 Amazing Camouflaged Animals Best Camouflaged Animals Best Camouflaged Ever.

1. Common baron caterpillar
If you’re a hungry bird in western Malaysia, good luck finding any common baron caterpillars. Plenty of other butterfly larvae blend in with local plants, but few can vanish into vegetation like the baron.

2. Mossy leaf-tailed gecko.
It may look like this lizard has been overrun with moss, but save your sympathy — that’s its skin. This is the mossy leaf-tailed gecko, a master of disguise found only in the forests of Madagascar.

3. Tawny frogmouth.
Famous for their gaping beaks and big yellow eyes, tawny frogmouths look like cartoon characters — when they’re not imitating a tree, that is.

4. Stonefish.
If you’re ever snorkeling in the Indian or Pacific Ocean, look out for coral reefs looking back at you. You could be staring down a stonefish, the most venomous fish on Earth.

5. Katydid.
If you don’t immediately see both katydids in this photo, don’t feel bad. Their leaf like bodies also help them evade countless birds, frogs, snakes and other predators around the world.

6. Flounder.
As a type of “flatfish,” flounder are ideally suited to life on the ocean floor. They huddle up to the seabed, often aided by speckled skin that helps them blend in, such as this pebble-dwelling flounder.

7. Egyptian nightjar.
Nightjars are small, nocturnal birds found around the world, often called “goatsuckers” due to a myth about stealing goats’ milk (they do hang out near goats, but just to eat the insects they attract).

8. Stick insect.
While most animals need a specific backdrop for their camouflage to work, a few are so well-disguised they’re incognito almost anywhere. Stick insects are a good example, with twig-like bodies that let them become virtually invisible just by holding still.

9. Chameleon.
Few animals are as famous for camouflage as chameleons, whose color-changing skills have made them icons of adaptability. But that probably wasn’t the reason they evolved the ability — instead, scientists think they mainly change colors to communicate.

10. Cuttlefish.
Cuttlefish take camo to new heights. Not only can they change colors to blend in, but their psychedelic skin even puts chameleons to shame.

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