Silverback gorillas live high within the mountains in 2 protected parks in Africa. they’re mentioned as mountain gorillas too. They frequently wander through their home ranges of ten to fifteen sq. miles, feeding and resting throughout the day.

Silverback Gorillas are around six feet tall – regarding the peak of an adult male – whereas females are around 5 feet tall. They weigh about 350 pounds- closely doubly the weight of a traditional adult man. They are herbivores, and eat solely plants. They pay most of their day searching for food and eating bamboo and leafy plants in the wild.

Silverback gorillas weren’t even identified to exist till 1902.Today, their surroundings is being destroyed once humans use the land for farming and therefore the trees for fuel. Gorillas are killed by poachers and typically get caught in poacher’s snares meant for alternative animals. Among the species of gorillas silverblack is the most endangered species of Gorilla. They can defend the cluster to the extent of sacrificing his own life.

Adult gorillas will eat up to thirty kilograms of food a day.
Silverback gorillas are terribly intelligent animals. they’re identified for his or her use of tools and their varied communication. Some gorillas in captivity at a zoo have been trained to use linguistic communication.

Silverback gorillas are nearest relatives to humans, sharing around ninety eight of a similar DNA.

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